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Welcome to Kampftrieb Dutch Shepherds

Kampftrieb kennels is a small kennel located in Australia that is dedicated to importing, breeding and training working Dutch Shepherds of the highest level. We were the first people to import Dutch Shepherds of any kind into Australia, and since then others have taken our lead to also work with this breed in Australia.

For an in-depth look at the Dutch Shepherd and its history, click here

We have imported our dogs from the un-registered KNPV bloodlines and not the FCI pedigreed ones, as the KNPV ones are by far the strongest. We will continue to import the best dogs and bloodlines in the future, always looking for the strongest and most powerful animals.

We are members of the Adelaide Euro Dog Sport Club, and as such we are training our dogs in the N.V.B.K. Belgian Ring programme. This allows us to continually test our dogs in a venue which tests dogs characters to the hardest possible level.

Prior to importing Dutch Shepherds we had previously owned and bred working Dobermanns, as well importing a large number of working German Shepherds from the best Czech/Slovak bloodlines. We also have owned and bred a number of working Malinois. After owning, breeding and training these different breeds we have found the K.N.P.V. Dutch Shepherds to be the best dogs for us, and we are therefore going to be putting all our time and resources into these dogs.

We hope you enjoy looking around our site and should you have any questions or comments feel free to email us at info@workingdutchies.com or you can phone Chris Jones on 0412 040 666, or have a read of our FAQ page relating to the Dutch Shepherd dog here and around the world by clicking here.

From time to time we may get an older dog that doesn't meet the high expectations of our breeding or training programs and these can be available for re-homing for the cost of de-sexing. This can be a way for people to have what would amount to a good home pet/protection dog. Send us an email if you might be interested in this possibility and we can keep your name on file should one become available.

For us, the qualities we strive for are :

  • Extreme Drives (Fight, Prey and Hunt)
  • High Thresholds
  • Strong Nerves
  • Full and Hard Grips
  • Handler Hardness
  • High Confidence
  • High Levels of Dominance
  • A-Social Type Behaviours
  • Good Bone and Substance
  • Excellent Hips and Elbows